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About Us

Industry Specific Marketing Software

With the outbreak of Covid-19 it has meant so many Industries around the world
have had to learn to find other ways to "reach out'" to each other. This has resulted
in an unforeseen decline in Paper Media, Door to Door Sales and Face to Face interaction.

We pride ourselves in using the most up to date Industry Specific Software and E-Marketing
Campaigns across a range of Social Media Platforms and Google.

Why? E-marketing – simple – it is measurable, it gives us the ability to “Quantify” and
“Qualify” exactly the Potential Purchasers your property is “reaching out to” via the Internet.
In turn, this allows us to update you weekly with the Statistical results.

Gifts Of Appreciation

It's a huge decision to sign over the largest asset you own to an Agency and entrust that
they will deliver or hopefully exceed your expectations in the Sale of your home.

We understand the overwhelming journey involved in preparing your property for Sale, prior to,
during and for Settlement.

With this in mind, we want to “help you” and "thank you" for both entrusting Uber Real Estate
to help you through your journey with our " Gifts Of Appreciation".

There are so many to choose from - call us for a free appraisal today and ask about our
“Gifts Of Appreciation" - we know you deserve it !

Client Involvement

Just as we are all unique so is your property to you the Owner. No one knows your
property better than you!

The importance of Client Involvement is number one on our list when preparing your
property for the market – the right market!

Think of our Sales Agents as your students, whereby you are there to educate them
about your Outstanding Property. By having this type of Client Involvement it ensures your
Sales Agent is armed with all the tools they need to educate all potential buyers about your
amazing property features thoroughly!

We would be privileged to view your property and learn what you love about it !

Fees that fit

It is no secret that one of the biggest decisions you will make as a Property Owner is
choosing the right Real Estate Agent to support you through the selling and buying process.

Encompassed in this decision is knowing the Commission Fee you as the property will be charged for this service.

At Uber Real Estate we understand that not every standard Commission Fee fits. Many property owners feel they do not have the right to negotiate their Commission Fee with their preferred Agent prior to listing.

We offer a " Fees that Fit " option , where you, the property owner can discuss and negotiate fee terms that work both for you and your chosen Agent.

Give Uber Real Estate a call today for a free appraisal and " Fees that Fit" discussion on
presentation of your appraisal.