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Lifestyle Properties

Just saying the words “Lifestyle Property” conjures up the thoughts of – a gate to drive through when you come home, a bit of land to play with, a better life for families, lots of fresh air and open spaces, and large gardens with plenty of land left over for free-range chickens, grazing horses, or a small flock of sheep, and it’s even better if it is only 30 minutes’ drive or so from a city centre.

So, in a word – “Desirable” is what a lifestyle property is and at Uber Real Estate we understand the importance of this at the outset when we first visit your lifestyle property.

The move by so many to regional towns looking for that “Desirable Lifestyle Property “to compliment there new working lifestyle is putting pressure on the readily available Lifestyle Properties with the supply/demand issues arising constantly.

A prudent and well-informed Real Estate Company understands that you cannot just select a recent sale in the immediate area of the lifestyle property that you are appraising and conclude “that’s the price”. Just as humans we are all unique so is your Lifestyle Property – therefore it is so important that every aspect of the property and home and look at in detail to ensure your home is appraised and marketed correctly.

The entire approach to the proposed marketing method, season, time of the marketing calendar is crucial to get right, this ensures that you as the lifestyle property owner achieves “top dollar” for your unique property.

If you would like Uber Real Estate to look over your Lifestyle Property, please feel free to give us a call – don’t forget to ask about our “Gifts of Appreciation”.

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